David Cameron: Tax and Legislation

In the news today, apparently David Cameron has pledged to pass a new law guaranteeing there will be no rise in income tax, VAT or National Insurance during the lifetime of the next parliament if he is elected. Whilst this might sound like a good thing, here at The Internet Sheep, we disagree. So, in […]

VAT hits 20%

So, here we are waiting for VAT to go up to 20% and despite the Labour opposition lobbying for a delay, it’s pretty certain to go ahead. Of course this will push up fuel prices still further, as for some reason we have to pay VAT on fuel duty (where’s the value in that?). Now […]

Politics in a Recession

I was listening to breakfast television this morning, and two people debating who was at fault for the current economic situation (apparently it was “the other guy”), and it struck me that surely, this is exactly not what is needed at the moment. Would it not be better if politicians of all persuasions worked together […]

A New Way Of Voting

Maybe you agree. and maybe you don’t, but one of the problems with party-based politics is the fact that it is party based, and a large part of the population seems to vote based upon party lines, rather than individual party policies, or even based upon which of the candidates for their local MP is […]