David Cameron: Tax and Legislation

In the news today, apparently David Cameron has pledged to pass a new law guaranteeing there will be no rise in income tax, VAT or National Insurance during the lifetime of the next parliament if he is elected. Whilst this might sound like a good thing, here at The Internet Sheep, we disagree. So, in an open letter to David Cameron:


Dear David,

we read with interest your pledge not only not to raise income tax, VAT or National Insurance during the next party should the Conservative win the election, but also a commitment to pass a law guaranteeing this. Perhaps you could answer a couple of questions.

Why do you think it is necessary to pass legislation to hold yourself to a manifesto promise?

Why you think that it is appropriate to use UK legislation as a political tool for an election?

Do you honestly believe that specific legislation such as this make for good laws?

How do you justify abusing both the electoral and legislative systems for party political ends?

Personally I think this announcement is disgusting and highlights everything that is wrong with UK politics at the moment. I believe you should be very ashamed of this announcement, and should withdraw it and apologise immediately.


The Internet Sheep.

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