Correlation != Causation

I caught a snippet of an interesting article this morning, where it appears an industry expert was commenting on a recent report that shops could raise the average spend of customers by approximately £10 (or 39% if I remember the figure correctly) by improving their customer service. Without knowing the exact details of the report […]

Drugs Cheats Can Represent Britain

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has over-ruled that the British Olympic Assocation’s policy of imposing lifetime bans on athletes who have tested positive for banned substance. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has been in dispute with the BOA over whether the BOA policy extended violator’s punishments, and the CAS has now ruled in […]

Climate Change

There seems to be a growing trend (or at least an increasingly vocal movement) to decry the current governmental thinking on climate change and the various efforts being made to reduce carbon production and energy usage. Now, here at The Internet Sheep we must admit to not being 100% convinced by all the arguments, and […]

Taxonomy (re)defined

Taxonomy is a complicated subject and can be difficult to understand. Particularly if you are a sheep. In an effort to simplify this, we at The Internet Sheep have devised a much simpler system, dividing all animals into 3 categories with easy to remember rules: Mammals Birds Fish Classification is simply a matter of answering […]