Petrol Prices

So here we are in an election year, and no-one seems to be talking about the price of a gallon of fuel. Despite the odd fluctuation, the price has steadily increased over the last year or so, and yet not one political party seems to want to comment publicly on this.

Now, we all know that public finances are stretched, and whoever wins, taxation will rise and expenditure will be cut, but the current level of duty and taxation of almost 66p a litre is a ridiculous burden on commuters. Once again, we are being penalised for being a flexible working population – the further you are prepared to go to work, the more you will be taxed for the effort.

Surely, now is the time for a forward-thinking party to propose either a direct cut in fuel duty, or an allowance/rebate to encourage the economy on a local scale. More money in peoples pockets, equals more money spent on goods and services, where it will be taxed anyway, and end up in the government coffers, but at least others will benefit from the circulation first.

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