Will the real Prime Minister please stand up?

So here we are, post election, looking forward to a hung parliament (or a “balanced” parliament as we’re now supposed to call it, perhaps to avoid giving anyone ideas). Of course, after all the squabbling over ideology from the leaders debates, we now have the amusing situation of watching both the Conservatives and Labour pretending that all their differences with the Lib Dems that were such an issue a few weeks ago (and a reason not to vote for them), are now minor things that can be worked around.

Add to that, continual references to Gordon Brown “hanging on to power” (er, no, constitutionally he doesn’t resign until a replacement government is ready to take over), and general statements that seem to indicate that quite a number of senior MP’s either do not understand the way elections are run (here is a hint, no British Prime Minister is elected directly), or are happy to deliberately mislead the public, and we seem to have a continuation of the same old self-serving politics.

Have any of them learnt their lesson? Will the requirements of a coalition lead to a more co-operative (maybe even more democratic) government? Or will it simply lead to another general election sometime in the next 6 months?

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