Local or Remote Backup? How about both!

If you are responsible for a small network at work, then ensuring your data is backed up can be an ongoing struggle. Tape backup is often the obvious choice, but how often do you check that the backup is working? When was the last time you did a test restore to see if the data is actually usable? Maybe you have looked into remote (over the wire) backups, and been put off by the time required to back up data over your existing connection, or the cost of upgrading your connectivity so that remote backups are feasible. There is, however, another option.

Here at DMGi we have been working on a system called DoubleBack that provides both local and remote disk-based backups, allowing regular snapshots of your network servers internally, and regular remote backups to our own secure Data Centre. The combination means you have fast, easy to access, regular backups locally, making restoring individual files as simple as browsing a directory tree through a web interface, and off-site backups for your Disaster Recovery procedure, or even to access a file you need when out of the office.

For more details, please visit the DoubleBack website.

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