Climate Change

There seems to be a growing trend (or at least an increasingly vocal movement) to decry the current governmental thinking on climate change and the various efforts being made to reduce carbon production and energy usage.

Now, here at The Internet Sheep we must admit to not being 100% convinced by all the arguments, and we are certainly open to the possibility that current variations in temperature might not be man-made. However, we do feel that this is perhaps missing the point. Surely, the point is that there is a chance that our own actions are damaging the environment and that we will be the ones to suffer if this is true. It therefore makes sense to do what we can to reduce this, just in case the projections are real – to take the other viewpoint is surely gambling on a potentially huge risk for very little reward. Most of the big proponents seem to take the line that environmental reductions will cost various economies – for which we can read it will reduce profits in various big corporates – to be honest the message here for them is to get on with it, if their only method of making short term gain is to potentially damage the planet maybe it’s time they ceased trading.

To put it another way, it’s a bit like a game of Russian Roulette – the gun may or may not be loaded, and we’re being asked to put it to our head and find out – surely the better advice is not to pull the trigger.

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