McLaren/IO Partner on Data Centre Energy Efficiency

On the 6th of June, McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) and IO announced a technology partnership focussing on energy efficiency in the next generation of data centres. At current estimates, data centres consume two percent of the worldwide electricity supply – a figure that is equivalent to the output of roughly 30 nuclear power stations. With the forecasts of increased demand for data centres and data centre capacity, it is likely this demand will grow.

The partnership between MAT and IO will combine the McLaren’s expertise in data modelling, airflow and application to the physical world, expertise gained in part through it’s experience in Formula 1, with IO’s specific expertise in data centre design and technology.

At the announcement in Singapore, Dr. Geoff McGrath,  Managing Director of McLaren Applied Technologies said “Data centers are integral to all our lives. However, as the amount of information we collect, process and store continues to grow, the demand for energy will also increase.  Our partnership with IO will enable us to utilize our unique expertise in performance management, simulation and high performance design to make a real difference to this global energy challenge.”

“IO is already the world leader in the development of cutting edge data center technology and systems.  However, they have challenged themselves and McLaren to think differently and to identify ways to improve efficiency, to cut energy usage and reduce emissions.”

“Anyone who has seen a Formula 1 race knows that McLaren is unrivaled when it comes to integrating outstanding software with the hardware built to receive it,” added Kevin Malik, IO CIO and GM of IO Labs. “We are extremely excited about this partnership and its potential to yield substantial advances in the telemetry, visibility, and analytics of IO data center technology. Our companies speak the same language and the insights gained from this collaboration will be invaluable to the data center space.”

source: PR Newswire

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