Second Annual Open Doors Weekend

The second annual Open Doors Weekend will be celebrated by construction firms opening 80 sites across the UK to welcome public entry, according to Construction News.

Over the weekend of 27th-28th September, school groups, the public and twenty Members of Parliament including most notably, Vince Cable, the Business Secretary will visit. Amongst those opening sites will be Manchester United’s Old Trafford Hotel Football, a lane creation project on the M25 and the Cross Rail development in London’s Paddington Station to give a real insight as to the construction industry. Visitors will have a tour, meet project leaders and seeing real life demo’s of construction and groundwork insurance covered activity.

The weekend is also about showcasing what the construction industry has to offer for young people considering a career in the industry and that it is not just about getting dirty and digging holes. Architecture, new construction methods and iconic projects will be highlighted in the hope of creating a robust, sustainable industry for the future.

Insurance Dealer thinks Health and safety will potentially also feature with firms requiring groundworkers insurance and public liability insurance and hope that there is delivery of a positive stance on risk management to keep injuries and damage to a minimum.

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