Thinking Outside The Box

I owe the inspiration to this one to the BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell) – you can read the current episode here – worth going through the archives if you haven’t come across this before. Anyway, if you bother to read the comments, the wondrous phrase “Thinking outside the box” comes up, largely with respect […]

ownCloud – Store Your Data, Your Way

Most people out there are familiar with DropBox and other similar services provided by the likes of Microsoft and Google. The convenience of being able to easily synchronise data between multiple devices, with a copy stored “in the cloud” (that’s on the Internet for our older readers!). However, using a service such as this has […]

Memories of the ZX81

The ZX81 is 30 years old, and there are a number of retrospective articles, including this one from the BBC. Many of us have very fond memories of Sinclair Research’s early machines, and the ZX81 was my introduction to the world of computing. Back then, computers were strange, mysterious devices. Indeed, my brother and I […]