SpamCheck 0.6.8

The latest release of SpamCheck has been released, and should be available for download. SpamCheck is an Open Source email spam and virus filter provided by Dial Media Group. The latest version fixes issues with selecting an email when the subject is blank, and ensures that when a user is set to use the domain […]

Variable Wheel Drive

On my drive to work this morning I was struck with an alteration to a cars power transmission that seemed to me to be both fun and fairly obvious. Currently when choosing a car you have a choice between  4 wheel drive, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive, with proponents of all making various […]

Politics in a Recession

I was listening to breakfast television this morning, and two people debating who was at fault for the current economic situation (apparently it was “the other guy”), and it struck me that surely, this is exactly not what is needed at the moment. Would it not be better if politicians of all persuasions worked together […]

Climate Change

There seems to be a growing trend (or at least an increasingly vocal movement) to decry the current governmental thinking on climate change and the various efforts being made to reduce carbon production and energy usage. Now, here at The Internet Sheep we must admit to not being 100% convinced by all the arguments, and […]

A New Way Of Voting

Maybe you agree. and maybe you don’t, but one of the problems with party-based politics is the fact that it is party based, and a large part of the population seems to vote based upon party lines, rather than individual party policies, or even based upon which of the candidates for their local MP is […]

Hewlett Packard Printers

You’ve got to love HP Printers. Slight crisis at the Sheep Pen when the smallest Sheep in the household needed to print out her homework. Of course, the black ink cartridge chooses that moment to run out, and homework has to be in tomorrow and the shops are shut. Having located a spare cartridge, I […]