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Audi and Amazon: Car Boot Delivery

I came across an article on the BBC News site yesterday with a headline of “Audi and Amazon to try car boot delivery service“. In summary it seems that Audi, Amazon and DHL are proposing a system where you can get your parcel delivered to the boot of your car, using a one-time access code. […]

Online Recruitment Still Most Popular

A global survey by FindEmployment has determined that online recruitment is still the most popular method for job searching, with 27% of respondents favouring it. Interestingly, despite the efforts of FaceBook, LinkedIn etc. social media is the least popular method, with only 6% of those responding to the survey stating they would actively use it. Out […]

McLaren/IO Partner on Data Centre Energy Efficiency

On the 6th of June, McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) and IO announced a technology partnership focussing on energy efficiency in the next generation of data centres. At current estimates, data centres consume two percent of the worldwide electricity supply – a figure that is equivalent to the output of roughly 30 nuclear power stations. With […]

Computer Says No – You Can’t Start Your Car

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College, London and  president of the British Neuroscience Association has proposed that every car should have an alcohol sensor fitted, preventing anyone from starting their car should the sensor decide they are over the legal limit (known as an alcohol ignition interlock). Speaking to the BBC, Professor Nutt said that […]

Variable Wheel Drive

On my drive to work this morning I was struck with an alteration to a cars power transmission that seemed to me to be both fun and fairly obvious. Currently when choosing a car you have a choice between  4 wheel drive, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive, with proponents of all making various […]

Hewlett Packard Printers

You’ve got to love HP Printers. Slight crisis at the Sheep Pen when the smallest Sheep in the household needed to print out her homework. Of course, the black ink cartridge chooses that moment to run out, and homework has to be in tomorrow and the shops are shut. Having located a spare cartridge, I […]

Fighting Spam

Here at the Internet Sheep, we’re pretty fed up with spam, and spend a fair amount of our time trying to make sure as little as possible gets through – if you think spam is bad as an email user, just imagine how much we hate it as IT professionals with multiple mail servers to […]