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Second Annual Open Doors Weekend

The second annual Open Doors Weekend will be celebrated by construction firms opening 80 sites across the UK to welcome public entry, according to Construction News. Over the weekend of 27th-28th September, school groups, the public and twenty Members of Parliament including most notably, Vince Cable, the Business Secretary will visit. Amongst those opening sites […]

Cornish Pasties: Protected by Law

Excellent news for those of us who appreciate a good Cornish Pasty. The European Commission has given Protected Geographical Indication status to the Cornish Pastie as requested by the Cornish Pasty Association. From this point onwards, in order to be called a Cornish Pastie, a number of criteria must be met, including: Made in Cornwall […]

Taxonomy (re)defined

Taxonomy is a complicated subject and can be difficult to understand. Particularly if you are a sheep. In an effort to simplify this, we at The Internet Sheep have devised a much simpler system, dividing all animals into 3 categories with easy to remember rules: Mammals Birds Fish Classification is simply a matter of answering […]