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Correlation != Causation

I caught a snippet of an interesting article this morning, where it appears an industry expert was commenting on a recent report that shops could raise the average spend of customers by approximately £10 (or 39% if I remember the figure correctly) by improving their customer service. Without knowing the exact details of the report […]

Computer Says No – You Can’t Start Your Car

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College, London and  president of the British Neuroscience Association has proposed that every car should have an alcohol sensor fitted, preventing anyone from starting their car should the sensor decide they are over the legal limit (known as an alcohol ignition interlock). Speaking to the BBC, Professor Nutt said that […]

What Is Wrong With Insurance Companies?

Insurance is a requirement of living in the modern world. Most people will personally need household insurance and/or car insurance, and owners of businesses have a whole load of additional insurance products aimed at them such as professional indemnity and liability insurance, some mandatory, some optional. Given that this produces a large, fairly captive market, […]

Tuition Fees: The Law of Unintended Consequences

The law of unintended consequences, sometimes defined as “a perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended (when an intended solution makes a problem worse), such as when a policy has a perverse incentive that causes actions opposite to what was intended.” (thanks to Wikipedia there) has swung into effect on the governments university tuition […]