Online Recruitment Still Most Popular

A global survey by FindEmployment has determined that online recruitment is still the most popular method for job searching, with 27% of respondents favouring it. Interestingly, despite the efforts of FaceBook, LinkedIn etc. social media is the least popular method, with only 6% of those responding to the survey stating they would actively use it. Out of the respondents, 41% reported they would use a mixed approach of all the available methods.

Using a recruitment company was favoured by only 9% of those who responded, behind using personal research and contacts, whilst newspapers and other traditional media scored even lower, only just comign ahead of social media as a method.

‘In order to maximize the efficiency of your company’s recruitment strategy, and to ensure that you get the most cost effective business solutions for all vacancies that your company is looking to fill you must engage with every form of job search that candidates perform nowadays,’ said Igor Medet, General Manager of DeltaQuest Group. ‘The best way to find candidates and fill vacancies fast whilst cutting costs on recruitment, is to find a place like the FindEmployment network where candidates congregate as they can utilize many of these methods of job searching.’


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