Taxonomy (re)defined

Taxonomy is a complicated subject and can be difficult to understand. Particularly if you are a sheep. In an effort to simplify this, we at The Internet Sheep have devised a much simpler system, dividing all animals into 3 categories with easy to remember rules:

  1. Mammals
  2. Birds
  3. Fish

Classification is simply a matter of answering the following questions in sequence:

  1. Is it a mammal? Yes, then it is a mammal, otherwise:
  2. Does it fly? Yes, then it is a bird, otherwise
  3. It’s a fish.

Very simple, and works extremely well. Under this new system we can easily see:

  • A Cat is a mammal.
  • An Eagle is a bird
  • A Shark is a fish

All good so far, we also rapidly learn:

  • A Snake is a fish
  • A Turtle is a fish
  • A Wasp is a bird
  • A Beetle is a fish



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